Easy Air Fry Omelet


Everyone loves an omelet and you’ve never made one so easily! This Easy Air Fry Omelet delicious recipe for a Super Easy Air-Fried Omelet will change the way you make breakfast and you’ll never look back!

What is Easy Air-Fried Omelet

The omelet is a classic egg-based breakfast that has been reinvented over and over! This Easy Air Fry Omelet morning meal is beloved because it can be customized to include virtually any flavor. This Easy Air Fry Omelet tasty omelet features the savory flavors of parmesan, bell peppers, and spinach to make an irresistible breakfast dish. The only drawback of an omelet is that traditional omelets are a tough technique to perfect. Not anymore! This amazing recipe makes a beautiful breakfast so easy to make with the assistance of the air fryer!

Why You’ll Love Easy Air-Fried Omelet

Perfect Breakfast Made Easy

First thing in the morning you need easy food and that’s why the air fryer is a wonder! It transforms complicated and long-cooking dishes into simple and fast feasts, just like this delicious omelet! This tool makes for a fool-proof delicious breakfast every time! Thanks to the amazing power of the air fryer you can make a beautiful professional-quality omelet at home in no time! All you have to do is roll out of bed and fire up the air fryer!

Whole Family Favorite

It can be hard to find meals that please everyone, but this omelet is a smash. The simple delicious flavors of rich eggs and creamy cheese meld perfectly with the bright crunch of bell pepper and leafy spinach. It’s a comforting combination of flavors that will please young and old alike and that’s not to mention the wave of clean energy you’ll feel from these tasty fresh flavors!

Elegant Morning Meal

Everyone loves a great weekend brunch. It’s the ultimate way to unwind and eat well, but on some days off you’d rather just stay in. With this Easy Air Fry Omelet unforgettable omelet, you can turn your home kitchen into your favorite brunch cafe. This easy air-fired omelet looks great and tastes even better so you’ll feel like you’re getting the five-star brunch treatment! The simple yet delicious flavors truly shine and no restaurant or cafe will ever beat the comfort or company you find in your own home kitchen!


Air Fryer This Easy Air Fry Omelet recipe relies on the even heating of an air fryer to perfectly cook the eggs. It may surprise some people to find that an air fryer can cook eggs very nicely and without added oil or fat.

Parchment Paper or Baking Dish Depending on the style of air fryer that you have, you will want parchment paper or a ceramic/glass baking dish to cook the omelet on.


Eggs Fresh eggs make the base of this hearty breakfast. Choose farm-fresh eggs whenever possible and if you want to make a lighter version use half or all egg whites instead.

Red Bell Pepper Red bell pepper has just the right flavor to balance the cheesy richness in this Easy Air Fry Omelet recipe. Red bell pepper has a nice sweetness, but in a pinch, you can swap it for another variety of bell pepper.

Mozzarella Slices of fresh mozzarella add creamy and decadent flavor to this dish. Choose fresh low-fat mozzarella cheese whenever possible.

Spinach Spinach is a universally loved green and when cooked in an omelet it becomes even more lush and flavorful.

Parmesan Cheese For this Easy Air Fry Omelet recipe choose a nice grated or shaved aged parmesan to add tangy cheese flavor.
Salt and Pepper Choose fine-grain sea salt and fresh cracked pepper for this tasty cook.

Delicious Super Easy Air-Fried Omelet


Expert Tips for This Recipe

  • Be sure to clean your air fryer very well before and after making this easy omelet!
  • You can tweak this recipe to suit your tastes and availability. Swap the parmesan for asiago or the basil for thyme to make this savory breakfast your own.

How to Serve Easy Air-Fried Omelet 

  • This easy air-fried omelet is perfect when served warm. Pair it with turkey bacon, whole grain toast, and fresh fruit salad to make a bountiful and satisfying breakfast! Just don’t forget the orange juice!

How to Store Easy Air-Fried Omelet

  • Don’t panic if you have leftovers from this delicious breakfast, they can be stored! To properly store this easy omelet follow these steps:
    ● Cool the omelet completely.
    ● Transfer it to an airtight container.
    ● Refrigerate for up to 3 days.
    ● Reheat by microwaving for up to 2 minutes or air frying at 350°F for up to 3 minutes.

Can I Freeze This Air-Fried Omelet?

  • If you want to enjoy amazing omelets for months to come, consider freezing them. This is a great trick to have healthy breakfasts on hand without the fuss. This super delicious air-fried omelet can be frozen very easily, here’s how:
    ● Allow the omelet to cool and then wrap it tightly in plastic wrap.
    ● Warp it again in foil and then seal it in a freezer bag.
    ● Label the bag with the date and the contents.
    ● Freeze for up to 3 months.
    ● Thaw by placing it in the fridge overnight or by cooking in the air fryer as directed above (you may need to add 1 to 2 minutes when reheating the omelet from frozen).

Is this Air-Fried Omelet Healthy?

  • The answer to that question is mixed and depends on your personal diet and goals.
    This gluten-free and nut-free breakfast has many potential benefits. It's a vegetarian-friendly dish and the use of the air fryer to prepare this omelet cuts the fat in a traditional omelet.
    Every ingredient in this recipe brings delicious nutrients. The eggs and cheese provide protein and iron, while the veggies add vitamins B and C. However, eggs are rich in cholesterol and cheese is salty.
    Everyone has different health goals and it's essential to know your goals and then build your lifestyle around them. That said, moderation and balance are always a good idea, so if you are countering this omelet with plenty of water and healthy activity it should be a great addition to most diets!


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