Salmon Rolls


If you want a fresh and flavorful snack or appetizer these Salmon Rolls are the best! They Salmon Rolls combine the delicious raw flavor of cucumber and avocado with cream cheese and salmon for an amazing sushi-inspired bite!

What You  Will Love About This Salmon Rolls Recipe

Sensation Salmon Flavor – Smoky, salty, creamy, and fresh nothing compares to the flavors and textures in these yummy salmon rolls! The whole family will love the healthy mash-up of creamy avocado with salty cream cheese and smoked salmon!

Perfect Snack – This Salmon Rolls s fun snack is the perfect bite because it’s so versatile! These rolls taste great in a lunch box, at home, or served as a cold party appetizer!

Simple Ingredients – The grocery list for this  Salmon Rolls recipe is wonderfully short and the steps are so easy to follow that anyone can make these beautiful bites!

Great for Kids – Get your pickiest eater to enjoy their veggies with this balanced mix of vegetables, cheese, and meat!

Delicious Anywhere and Anytime – No matter the occasion, from parties to midnight munchies, the time is always right for a cool and delicious Salmon Roll!


Vegetable Peeler: A vegetable peeler is a quick and inexpensive way to make thin vegetable strips like a mandoline slicer but without needing an extra kitchen tool; however, if you have a mandoline it can work perfectly for this Salmon Rolls recipe as well.

Toothpicks: To help seal the salmon rolls tightly, grab some toothpicks. These little spears will hold the rolls closed while you slice them down to size.


Cucumber: Cucumber is one of the truest delights of the summer vegetable season! It is light fresh, juicy, and tasty! Plus, cucumbers hold their shape very well when cut so you can use them in fun ways like in this easy recipe.

Cream Cheese: This Salmon Rolls recipe is similar to the popular sushi roll the Philadelphia roll because it combines luscious cream cheese and smoky salmon in a tasty roll! Cream cheese adds a little fat and protein to make the tasty energy in these rolls last even longer! If you prefer the low-fat variety of cream cheese that is also an excellent choice.

Smoked Salmon: This Salmon Rolls smoky fish is the star flavor of these rolls. Decadent pink tender, and smoky salmon hits every note to deliver an unforgettable snack!

Avocado: Avocados have just the right texture and color to pop in these fresh and fishy rolls. Pick a fresh firm avocado for these rolls. You can even use a very slightly underripe avocado because it will hold its shape better when sliced and rolled.

Salt and Pepper: To punch up the final flavor of these rolls you can season them with salt and pepper to suit your tastes.

Expert Notes

  • These rolls make a perfect game-day appetizer or party snack, but they’re also great for meal prep. Pack them in cold lunches or enjoy them as a mid-afternoon snack whenever you’re craving something salty!
  • If you love a snack with a dip, try pairing these with soy sauce for some extra salty flavor or a little wasabi or chili garlic sauce for a kick!
  • To store the rolls, transfer them to an airtight container and store them in the fridge for up to 3 days. Enjoy the leftovers chilled.

Salmon Rolls

Course Appetizer, Lunch


Salmon Rolls Recipe


    • 1 cucumber very thin sliced
    • Cream cheese
    • Smoked salmon
    • 1 avocado sliced lengthwise
    • Pinch of salt and pepper


    • Step One - Slice the cucumber into long thin slices. Lay the sliced cucumber on a paper towel to absorb the moisture and dab with a paper towel to dry.
    • Step Two - Lay the cucumber slices overlapping each other slightly on parchment paper.
    • Step Three - Smear the cucumber slices with the cream cheese, place the smoked salmon on top of the cheese, finally place the sliced avocado over the salmon, and season with a pinch of salt and pepper.
    • Step Four - Carefully roll everything up as tightly as possible to form the roll. Secure the roll with toothpicks.
    • Step Five - Cut the roll and enjoy!


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