High-Protein Chia Greek Yogurt


When you’re in a hurry but don’t want to miss your morning meal, you need yogurt! This amazing High-Protein Chia Yogurt recipe is the easiest and most delicious way to start your day on the right foot!

Why You’ll Love This High-Protein Chia Greek Yogurt High-Protein Chia Yogurt

Fantastically Filling

  • What could be better than a chocolate fix that also fills you up? Nothing! That is why this amazing Chia Yogurt is the best. It has tons of sweet flavor but also plenty of delicious substance to hold you over! Easy Morning Magic
  • While this sweet high-protein High-Protein Chia Greek Yogurt yogurt makes a great snack or dessert, it is pretty much perfection in the morning! The ease of this High-Protein Chia Greek Yogurt recipe combined with the high-protein flavors makes this simple Chia Yogurt the most delicious breakfast! Chocolate Covered Bliss
  • Who said a high-protein snack can’t be a chocoholic’s dream!? This decadent High-Protein Chia Yogurt is so full of chocolate and fruit flavors that you’ll forget you’re eating healthy!


Small Mixing Bowl Bringing this High-Protein High-Protein Chia Greek Yogurt Chia Greek Yogurt recipe together is so easy all you will need is a bowl and something to mix with to make it.


Low-Fat Greek Yogurt Use your favorite plain low-fat Greek yogurt as the base of this creamy high-protein dish. If you are eating plant-based or vegetarian you can trade this ingredient for your favorite low-fat non-dairy yogurt.

Chocolate Protein The trick to packing all the protein into this delicious recipe is protein powder. Use your favorite brand of chocolate-flavored protein powder to make this High-Protein Chia Greek Yogurt recipe.

Strawberries Fresh strawberries bring a sweet fruity flavor and fun color to this dish.

Cacao Nibs These tiny morsels are the ideal way to get a chocolate crunch without adding a ton of extra sugar!

Raspberries Choose fresh raspberries for this sweet chia yogurt.

Chia Seeds Chia seeds are an excellent source of fiber and they add a tasty element of texture to this one-of-a-kind yogurt! Look for them in the baking aisle or your local store or online.

Sugar-Free Chocolate Drops Use your favorite brand of sugar-free chocolate drops to melt into a luscious topping for this treat.

Shredded Coconut As a delicious garnish for this treat use unsweetened shredded coconut. You can also use toasted coconut shreds if you prefer.

Expert Notes

How to Serve High-Protein Chia Yogurt

Serve this delicious yogurt chilled. Enjoy it as an after-workout snack or a super easy breakfast because any time is just right for this chocolatey treat!

How to Store High-Protein Chia Yogurt

You can store this delicious Chia Yogurt in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days. Be aware that the melted chocolate topping will harden in the fridge, so if you’re making this to enjoy later you can add this addition when you’re ready to serve.

High-Protein Chia Yogurt

Course Breakfast, Lunch, Snack


High-Protein Chia Yogurt Recipe


    • 1 cup of low-fat Greek yogurt
    • 1 scoop of chocolate protein
    • 5 strawberries
    • 1 tsp cacao nibs
    • 4 raspberries
    • 1 tbsp of chia seeds
    • 3 sugar-free chocolate discs or chips
    • 1 tsp Shredded coconut



    • Top with some coconut shred
    • Gently mix together all the recipe ingredients except the chocolate discs or chips and shredded coconut.
    • Drizzle some melted sugar-free chocolate over the yogurt and top with

    Enjoy your Pure Plate.


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