A Mediterranean Delight: Greek Lamb Salad



With our delectable Greek Lamb Salad recipe, you can immerse your taste buds in the flavours of the Mediterranean. This salad is not only a treat for your palate but also a wholesome and nutritious meal, as it is packed with fresh vegetables, succulent lamb, and the classic Greek feta cheese. Let’s embark on a culinary adventure to create this vibrant and satisfying dish that’s ideal for a light lunch or dinner.

Ingredients (What we need for make Greek Lamb Salad):

  • 3 cups romaine lettuce
  • 1 cup arugula
  • 1 zucchini, diced
  • 12 cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1 small red onion, finely sliced
  • 3 tbsp green olives, pitted and sliced
  • 2 tbsp sun-dried tomatoes, roughly chopped
  • 2 tbsp Parmesan cheese, flakes
  • ½ block feta cheese, crumbled
  • Black pepper, to taste
  • Salt, to taste
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 300 gr cooked lamb
  • 2 tbsp Greek yogurt
  • Handful of sprouts
  • 1 tsp salad seasoning
  • Lemon, halved

Know Your Ingredients

  • Romaine Lettuce:  Romaine lettuce, which is crisp and refreshing, serves as a sturdy foundation for the salad. Its subtle flavour lets the other ingredients shine, and the crisp texture adds a satisfying crunch.
  • Arugula: With its peppery and slightly bitter flavour, arugula adds a bold and distinct flavour to the salad. It’s high in vitamins and minerals, which boosts the nutritional value of the dish.
  • Zucchini: Diced zucchini, which is mild and slightly sweet, adds a tender texture to the salad. Zucchini is not only low in calories but also high in antioxidants, making it a nutritious addition.
  • Cherry Tomatoes: Cherry tomatoes provide a vibrant burst of flavour, bursting with sweetness and acidity. They add flavour and nutritional value to the salad while being high in vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Red Onion: Red onion, finely sliced, adds a mild pungency and a touch of sweetness. It adds colour to the salad while also providing potential health benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Green Olives: Green olives, sliced, add a briny and slightly tangy flavour to the mix. Olives, which are high in healthy fats, add a Mediterranean flair to the dish.
  • Sun-Dried Tomatoes: Sun-dried tomatoes are intensely sweet and savoury, providing a concentrated burst of tomato flavour. They add flavour to the salad and are high in vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Parmesan Cheese: Parmesan cheese flake adds a salty and nutty flavour to the salad. It complements the freshness of the vegetables by being high in calcium and protein.
  • Feta Cheese: Crumbled feta cheese adds a creamy and tangy flavour to many Greek dishes. Its rich texture and bold flavour lift the salad and provide a satisfying contrast.
  • Olive Oil: Drizzled over the salad, the golden elixir, olive oil, enhances the overall flavour. Aside from its delicious flavour, olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats, which promote heart health.
  • Cooked Lamb: Cooked lamb strips, tender and savoury, are the salad’s protein powerhouse. They add a rich, meaty flavour to the dish, making it more substantial and satisfying.
  • Greek Yogurt: Greek yoghurt, which is creamy and tangy, adds a luxurious texture to the salad. It also contains probiotics and protein, which promote gut health.
  • Sprouts: Sprouts add a fresh and wholesome element to the mix with their mild, crunchy texture. They’re high in nutrients and add an extra layer of nutrition to the salad.
  • Salad Seasoning: The salad seasoning is a carefully crafted blend of herbs and spices that binds all of the ingredients together. It improves the overall flavour profile and ensures a harmonious flavour profile.
  • Lemon: The salad is dressed with a zesty and citrusy dressing made from halved lemons. Lemons are high in vitamin C, so they add a burst of freshness as well as nutritional value.


Large Salad Bowl: A large salad bowl serves as the canvas for your Greek Lamb Salad. Make sure it’s large enough to hold all of the fresh vegetables, lamb, and other ingredients while still allowing for easy tossing.

Chopping Board and Sharp Knife: Use a sturdy chopping board and a sharp knife to cut your vegetables precisely. This ensures uniform cuts and creates a visually appealing salad.

Instructions of making Greek Lamb Salad:

  1. Prepare the Vegetables: Wash and chop the romaine lettuce, arugula, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and red onion first. Put them in a big salad bowl.
  2. Add Flavorful Elements: Add green olives, sun-dried tomatoes, Parmesan cheese flakes, crumbled feta, salt, and black pepper to a mixing bowl. These ingredients will give your salad a variety of flavours and textures.
  3. Introduce the Star Ingredient: Mix the cooked lamb strips into the salad gently. The lamb adds a rich, savoury element that complements the vegetables’ freshness.
  4. Creamy Greek Yogurt Goodness: Pour in the Greek yoghurt and toss in the sprouts. The yoghurt adds a creamy texture and tangy flavour, and the sprouts add a satisfying crunch.
  5. Seasoning Matters: Season the salad ingredients with the salad seasoning. This step improves the overall flavour and ties the salad’s various components together.
  6. Drizzle with Freshness: Squeeze the halved lemon juice over the salad. The citrusy zing will lift the flavours and add a refreshing note.
  7. Finish with Elegance: Drizzle the olive oil over the salad, making sure each ingredient gets a taste of it. If you want a stronger flavour, add more black pepper.
  8. Toss and Combine: Toss all of the ingredients together gently to ensure an even distribution of flavours. We want those delicious chunks of feta to be the highlight of every bite, so don’t break it up too much.
  9. Serve and Enjoy: Your Greek Lamb Salad is now ready to eat! Serve it in a large salad bowl or individually on plates. This salad is a delightful and filling meal thanks to the combination of fresh vegetables, savoury lamb, and creamy feta.

Storage Instructions for Greek Lamb Salad:

While a Greek Lamb Salad’s freshness and vibrancy are best enjoyed right away, there are steps you can take to preserve its flavours for later consumption. Follow these storage instructions to keep your salad as fresh as the day it was made:

  • Refrigeration is Key: Any leftover Greek Lamb Salad should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. The cold temperature slows bacterial growth, preserving the ingredients’ quality.
  • Separate Dressing Components: Since the salad includes ingredients like Greek yoghurt and lemon juice, keep them separate from the rest of the salad. This keeps the salad from getting soggy and allows you to keep control of the dressing while reheating.
  • Avoid Overdressing:  If you intend to store the salad for an extended period, it is best to underdress it at first. To keep the vegetables crisp, keep the remaining dressing separate and add it just before serving.
  • Consume Within 24-48 Hours: Consume the refrigerated Greek Lamb Salad within 24 to 48 hours for the best flavour and texture. While the salad is still safe to eat after this time, the quality of certain ingredients, particularly vegetables, may deteriorate.

Enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean with this Greek Lamb Salad. From the crispiness of the vegetables to the tenderness of the lamb, the harmonious blend of textures and flavours creates a culinary experience that is both indulgent and healthy. This salad is sure to impress, whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply craving a light and flavorful meal. Enjoy the vibrant colours and rich flavours of Greece in the privacy of your own home.

A Mediterranean Delight: Greek Lamb Salad

A Mediterranean Delight: Greek Lamb Salad

Course Salad


  • 3 cups romaine lettuce
  • 1 cup arugula
  • 1 zucchini diced
  • 12 Cherrie tomatoes halved
  • 1 small red onion finely sliced
  • 3 tbsp green olives pitted and sliced
  • 2 tbsp sun-dried tomatoes roughly chopped
  • 2 tbsp parmesan cheese flakes
  • ½ block feta cheese crumbled
  • Black pepper to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 300 gr cooked Lamb
  • 2 tbsp Greek yogurt
  • Handful of spouts
  • 1 tsp salad seasoning
  • Lemon halved


  • In a large salad bowl, combine romaine lettuce, arugula, zucchini, tomato halves, olives, sliced onion, sundried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper and the crumbled feta.
  • Mix well to combine.
  • Add the cooked lamb strips, Greek yoghurt, sprouts and seasoning, and mix to combine.
  • Put halved lemon over the salad for a refreshing dressing.
  • Finish by drizzling olive oil over the salad. Add more black pepper if desired.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy your Greek Lamb Salad.
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Expert Tips

  • Balance is Key: A great Greek Lamb Salad is distinguished by the perfect balance of flavours and textures. Pay attention to the saltiness of the feta, the acidity of the tomatoes, the creaminess of the Greek yoghurt, and the savoury richness of the lamb to ensure a harmonious blend. Tasting as you go and making minor adjustments will result in a salad that will satisfy every taste bud.
  • Freshness Matters: The freshness of the ingredients is essential to the success of any salad. Choose the ripest cherry tomatoes, the crispest lettuce, and the most vibrant arugula. Freshness not only enhances the flavours but also adds to the dish’s visual appeal. For an authentic farm-to-table experience, use local and seasonal produce whenever possible.
  • Mindful Lamb Cooking: Aim for a perfect balance of tenderness and caramelization when cooking the lamb strips. To seal in the juices and achieve a golden brown exterior, sear the strips in a hot pan. Because tender lamb is the star of the show, be careful not to overcook it. A smidgeon of pink in the centre guarantees a succulent and flavorful bite.
  • Texture Variation Adds Interest: A memorable salad stimulates the senses by incorporating a variety of textures. Incorporate crispy elements like fresh lettuce, creamy feta, and the satisfying crunch of sprouts to make your Greek Lamb Salad a sensory delight. The interaction of textures makes eating more dynamic and enjoyable.
  • Dress with Finesse: The dressing is the finishing touch that binds all of the salad’s components together. To avoid overdressing and masking the individual flavours, drizzle olive oil with a steady hand. The halved lemon adds a refreshing citrusy note as well as a visually appealing garnish. Serve extra lemon wedges on the side for those who want an extra burst of tanginess.

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