Honey Glazed Air Fried Carrots


Sweet, crunchy, and fresh, there is nothing quite like the flavor of perfectly roasted carrots, but you have never had roasted carrots like this! This fresh Honey Glazed Air-Fried Carrot Recipe takes your favorite veggie to new heights by making them easier, sweeter, and more delicious than ever before!

Why You’ll Love These Honey Glazed Air Fried Carrots

Five-Ingredient Favorite – This gorgeous veggies side dish comes together with only five easy and affordable ingredients.

Balanced Sweet Flavor – Honey Glazed Carrots bring the sweetness you need when serving rich, cheesy, and meaty main dishes.

Colorful Crunch – Texture is half the meal, and these brightly colored carrots deliver such satisfying sticky and crunchy textures!

Kid Approved – Even kiddos that turn their noses up at the sight of veggies will love these carrots! They’re sticky, sweet, and positively irresistible even to the most picky eater!


Air Fryer The amazing sticky glaze and carrot crunch in this dish come from cooking in the air fryer. This awesome appliance uses convection heat to circulate and evenly cook everything. Just be sure to clean it well between uses, especially after a sticky recipe like this!


Carrots Beautiful fresh carrots are an all-star ingredient. They are great immunity boosters with plenty of vitamin C plus the fiber they provide helps your digestion. Look for medium-sized fresh carrots. They should be bright in color, and if their leaves are attached they should look green and fresh.

Melted Butter – Melted butter adds a creamy richness to the honey glaze in this Honey Glazed Air Fried Carrots recipe; however Melted butter adds a creamy richness to the honey glaze in this recipe; however if you want to make this amazing dish with a plant-based twist you can trade the butter for vegan butter or even olive oil.

Honey Honey is the ideal match for yummy carrots. The natural sweetness and floral flavors in honey highlight the earthy vegetable sweetness in carrots perfectly!

Salt and Pepper Just because this Honey Glazed Air Fried Carrots recipe is designed to be sweet doesn’t mean you won’t need salt! A touch of savory saltines balances the sweet notes and makes them taste even sharper. Add to that a light touch of pepper and you have a zippy sweet, and savory flavor that everyone will love!

Expert Tips for This Honey Glazed Air Fried Carrots Recipe

To ease the clean-up efforts after this sticky recipe, you can opt to use a parchment paper liner for the air fryer.● This recipe is great for the holidays or dinner parties! Transfer the cooked carrots to a stoneware dish that will help them hold their heat and bring them the next time you need a holiday shareable dish!

How to Serve Honey Glazed Air Fried Carrots

This beautiful carrot side dish is perfect for any occasion! It makes a great vegetarian snack or a gorgeous holiday side. Serve these carrots warm with whatever delicious main dish you cook up!

How to Store Honey Glazed Air Fried Carrots

  • Storing this side dish is easy. Allow the carrots to cool completely and then transfer them to an airtight container. Store in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.
  • To reheat this dish in the microwave, place the carrots on a plate or bowl and heat for up to 2 minutes. Alternatively, you can warm them up in the air fryer at 350°F for a few minutes or until they’re warm and sticky.

Honey Glazed Air Fried Carrots

Course Side Dish


Honey Glazed Air Fried Carrots Recipe


    • 5 medium carrots peeled and washed
    • 1 tbsp melted butter
    • 1 tbsp honey
    • A pinch of salt and pepper



    • Cut the carrots in half, and place them in the air fryer for 10 minutes at 180C/360F.
    • In a small bowl melt the butter in the microwave for 1 minute, then add the honey, pepper, and salt and mix well.
    • After 10 minutes remove the carrots from the air fryer and pour the melted butter with honey over the carrots, make sure to coat all the carrots. Place back in the air fryer for another 10 minutes this time on 200C/400F.

    Enjoy your Pure Plate.


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