3 Ingredient Sugar-Free Apple Delight


Try this delicious three-ingredient sugar-free apple delight to explore the world of guilt-free indulgence! For individuals seeking a flavour boost without sacrificing nutrition, this sugary confection is not only simple to prepare but also a healthier pick. Let’s get started making this divineSugar-Free Apple Delight with these easy steps.


  • 1 cup sugar-free Chocolate chips
  • 3 sweet apples, cut into small cubes
  • ½ tbsp coconut oil

Know your Ingredients (Things we need to make Sugar-Free Apple Delight)

  1. 1 cup Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips

Choice Matters: Choose premium, sugar-free chocolate chips to cut down on the amount of added sugar in your dessert. Seek for products sweetened with erythritol or stevia, which are natural substitutes. These chips uphold your dedication to a low-sugar lifestyle while retaining the rich, decadent flavour of chocolate.

Health Benefits: Dark chocolate is renowned for its anti-oxidants and possible health advantages. It might improve mood-enhancing chemicals and heart health. When chocolate is consumed in moderation, it can be enjoyable and guilt-free.

  1. 3 Sweet Apples, cut into small cubes:

Variety Adds Depth: Try a variety of apple varieties to find ones with distinct flavour profiles. Although this recipe works best with sweeter varieties like Fuji or Honeycrisp, you can also try varieties like Gala or Pink Lady. Every variety of apples contributes its distinct sweetness and consistency to the mixture.

Nutrient-rich goodness: In addition to being naturally sweet, apples are a great source of dietary fibre and a variety of antioxidants, among other important nutrients. The fibre content facilitates digestion, and the antioxidants support general health. Including apples in desserts is a delicious way to add health benefits to your indulgence.

  1. ½ tbsp Coconut Oil:

Healthy Fat Choice: Coconut oil is a multipurpose ingredient with a unique flavour and possible health advantages. It gives this recipe a touch of tropical flavour and aids in smoothing out the chocolate’s texture. Select virgin or extra virgin coconut oil if you want a more pure version of this component.

Medium-Chain Fatty Acids: Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are found in coconut oil, are thought to offer several health advantages. Providing a rapid energy source, they are metabolized differently than long-chain fatty acids. Even though coconut oil is high in calories, some dietary approaches favour it because of its distinct composition.


  1. Microwave-Safe Bowl:

Purpose: Used to cook apple cubes in the microwave until they are soft and thoroughly cooked. Advice: Make sure the bowl is microwave-safe and big enough to fit the apple cubes without getting too full.

  1. Small Food Processor:

Purpose: Necessary to smooth out the cooked apples into a puree. Advice: For smaller batches, a portable food processor works well. To quickly reach the appropriate consistency, take care not to overfill.

  1. Heat-Resistant Bowl:

Purpose: If using a double boiler or the microwave, pick a bowl that can resist heat. For uniform melting, stir the mixture frequently.

  1. Mixing Bowl:

Purpose: To incorporate the apple puree with the melted chocolate-coconut oil mixture. Advice: To make mixing easier, use a large bowl. If the chocolate hasn’t melted yet, a heat-resistant option is best.

  1. 15cm Square Mould:

Purpose: The container for arranging and moulding your Apple Delight. Use baking paper to line the mould so that it can be easily removed. If necessary, resize, but remember that thickness can have an impact on setting time.

 Instructions of making Sugar-Free Apple Delight:

  1. Prepare the Apples:

First, chop three sweet apples into bite-sized cubes. Select a bowl that can hold the apple pieces comfortably and is safe to use in the microwave.

  1. Microwave the Apples:

After adding the cubed apples to the bowl, cover and microwave at 900 watts for approximately 5 minutes. Watch them carefully; you want the apples to be cooked all the way through and tender.

  1. Blend into Puree:

Let the apples cool for a few minutes after they are done cooking. Spoon the softened apples into a small food processor; puree the apples until smooth. This will form the foundation for our delicious treat.

  1. Melt Chocolate with Coconut Oil:

Mix one cup of sugar-free chocolate chips and half a tablespoon of coconut oil in a different heat-resistant bowl. Use a microwave or a double boiler to melt the mixture. Add the coconut oil and chocolate and stir until the mixture becomes smooth and velvety.

  1. Combine Chocolate and Apple Puree:

Now combine the apple puree and the melted chocolate-coconut oil mixture in a large mixing bowl. Mixing the ingredients well until a homogenous mixture is achieved requires stirring. Here’s where the magic happens—the naturally sweet apple puree combines with rich chocolate.

  1. Pour into Mould:

Put parchment paper inside a 15cm square mould. To ensure an even distribution, pour the chocolate-apple mixture into the prepared mould. To get a consistent surface, use a spatula to smooth the top.

  1. Refrigerate:

Put the mould in the fridge and allow it to get cold for at least four hours. It’s essential that the ingredients set and the flavours combine during this period to create a delicious treat. The outcome is well worth the wait, and patience is a virtue!

  1. Sprinkle with Cocoa Powder:

Remove the Apple Delight from the fridge once it has cooled and set completely. To give your creation an air of sophistication, dust the top with cocoa powder. Adding a layer of chocolatey goodness, this step also improves the visual appeal.

Storage Instructions for Your Sugar-Free Apple Delight:

For the best tasting experience, keep your Sugar-Free Apple Delight as fresh and high-quality as possible. To guarantee that the flavour and texture of your delicious creation last over time, store it according to these guidelines:

  1. Refrigeration is Key

To keep your Apple Delight firm and stop the chocolate from melting, keep it refrigerated. Duration: For optimal flavour and texture, consume within 3–4 days.

  1. Airtight Container:

To keep the Apple Delight from absorbing smells and to stop ice crystals from forming, place it in an airtight container. Advice: To add a layer of defence against freezer burn, cover the container, if at all possible, with plastic wrap before sealing it.

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight:

The airtight container should be kept out of direct sunlight and heat sources. Your dessert’s texture and flavour can be affected by prolonged exposure to light and heat.

Voila! With just three ingredients, you’ve just made a tasty and nutritious Apple Delight. Rich chocolate flavour and sweet apple goodness are perfectly balanced in every bite. You can indulge your sweet tooth with this guilt-free treat without sacrificing your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Present your Apple Delight to your loved ones in tasteful little servings, and observe as they savour each bite. This recipe is proof of the elegance of keeping things simple in the kitchen, whether it is served as a dessert for a special occasion or as a sweet snack to make your day.

3 Ingredient Sugar-Free Apple Delight

3 Ingredient Sugar-Free Apple Delight

Course Dessert


  • ● 1 cup sugar-free Chocolate chips
  • ● 3 sweet apples cut into small cubes
  • ● ½ tbsp coconut oil


  • Put the apple in a bowl suitable for microwaves.
  • Microwave for about 5 min at 900w until cooked.
  • Let the apples cool for a couple of minutes, then blend them in a small food processor until smooth.
  • Melt chocolate with coconut oil.
  • In a bowl combine the melted chocolate with the apple puree until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  • Pour into a 15cm square mould, lined with baking paper.
  • Refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hours.
  • Sprinkle it with cocoa powder.
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Expert Tips

  1. Choose Quality Ingredients:

Choose premium extra virgin or virgin coconut oil, sweet apples, and sugar-free chocolate chips. Good ingredients add to your dessert’s overall flavour and texture. For a more intense chocolate flavour, look for chocolate chips with a high cocoa content.

  1. Experiment with Apple Varieties:

Various apple varieties have distinct textures and flavour profiles. Try blending different sweet types, such as Fuji and Honeycrisp, to give your Apple Delight more nuance. Apples with different sweetness levels combined can produce a flavour that is complex and well-balanced.

  1. Control Chocolate Melting Temperature:

Avoid using high temperatures when melting chocolate with coconut oil as it may seize or become grainy. For a glossy, smooth consistency, use low heat and stir often. If you are patient, the rich texture of your dessert will be enhanced by the chocolate-coconut oil blend.

  1. Perfect the Puree Texture:

It’s important to get the apple puree to the perfect consistency. Make sure the cooked apples are tender before putting them through a blender and running them until very smooth. Apple Delight will be velvety and rich, with a silky puree blending in perfectly with the chocolate mixture.

  1. Allow Adequate Chilling Time:

Setting up your Apple Delight requires patience. The minimum refrigeration time is four hours, but for best results, you might want to let it chill overnight. The dessert has the ideal ratio of sweetness to richness because of the longer cooking time, which also improves the firmness and lets the flavours combine.

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