Mini Shrimp Appetizers


Mouthwatering shrimp are always a hit but this amazingly easy recipe takes this seafood favorite to new heights! Dive into delicious waters with this tasty Mini Shrimp Appetizer recipe and reel in something wonderful!

Why You’ll Love These Mini Shrimp Appetizers


Perfect Party Bites – These small bites are just right for sharing with a group at your next soiree! Their size and a delicious medley of flavors make them the talk of the bash! Plus, these perfect bites come together so quickly and easily that they are a party host’s dream food!
Fresh Seafood Flavor – If you love shrimp then you need to try this delicious shrimp recipe! It is the perfect marriage of shrimp flavor and fresh creamy avocado salsa! One bite of these Mini Shrimp Appetizers and you’ll imagine your toes in the sand on a beautiful tropical beach!

Fun Snack – These mini savory treats are just right for sharing but they’re also great when you keep them all to yourself! You don’t need a party to enjoy this Mini Shrimp Appetizers recipe; they make an elegant afternoon snack or light lunch for one, so every day feels like a seafood celebration!


Cucumber Fresh cucumbers have a deliciously fresh and leafy flavor. They’re loaded with water and nutrients so enjoying cucumbers is a great way to stay hydrated and healthy all year round! To find the perfect cucumber look for medium-sized fruit with a good weight. The cucumber’s skin should be dark and free of blemishes, cuts, and soft spots.

Avocado Salsa See my easy recipe for this fresh twist on salsa and find your new favorite dip! Whip this salsa up in advance so all you need to do for this Mini Shrimp Appetizers recipe is grab the salsa and get to work!
Cooked Shrimp Fully cooked shrimp are the perfect texture and buttery flavor for this easy appetizer recipe. Choose fresh shrimp to clean devein, and pre-cook for this tasty recipe.
Sesame Seeds Grab your favorite style of sesame seeds for this Mini Shrimp Appetizers recipe. You can use fresh or toasted to garnish these small snacks.

Expert Tips for This Mini Shrimp Appetizers Recipe

Before you get started making these mini but mighty appetizers, check out my easy Avocado Salsa recipe so you can be ready to make this dish!

How to Serve Mini Shrimp Appetizers

These Mini Shrimp Appetizers make the perfect snack or hors-d’oeuvre. Make this Mini Shrimp Appetizers recipe as a fun snack for a get-together or even just a nice appetizer to your regular family meal. No matter the reason, these avocado-infused bites always hit the spot!

How to Store Mini Shrimp Appetizers

You can store these tasty shrimp bites for later. Arrange the appetizers in an airtight container. Seal and refrigerate for up to 3 days. Enjoy the leftover shrimp cold straight out of the fridge for a fun and fast snack!

Mini Shrimp Appetizers

Course Appetizer



  • 1 cucumber sliced
  • Avocado salsa Recipe link at the end of the blog, below the Notes.
  • 12 cooked shrimps
  • Sesame seeds for garnish


Recipe Instructions:

  • Assemble the appetizers as shown in the video.
  • Enjoy your Pure Plates!


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